The world is changing faster than ever and staying ahead of the curve is a constant challenge.

Yvonne takes audiences on a journey of discovery for facing our ever- changing environment personally and professionally.


A Transformative World

Choose to embrace and excel in this today’s world.

Yvonne shares her vast knowledge and experience with organizations that have had the courage to embrace change and create profound results.

A Transformative World will challenge the foundation with which we have walked for the last 100 years and takes you on a journey of discovery into a new world.

Transforming our corporate culture one leader at a time.


  • How to shift from the old en- ergy organization to the new energy organization
  • The importance of Command- ing Structure
  • The 4 levels of awareness and higher frequency where optimal performance resides
  • Commanding performance through love and compassion

New World Leadership

Shifting from victim mentality to one of responsibility and account- ability is key to today’s world.

Modeling personal accountability  is the only way to transform our teams and organizations.

Yvonne takes you through her unique Accountability Model sharing the profound results that occur when we challenge our thinking about performance management and leadership.

Not for the faint of heart, this speech will challenge your basic thinking about structure, process and results.

Counter intuitive, Yvonne shows the value of detaching from results and creating unstoppable organic influence.


  • Why being a judgy judge holds all of us back
  • The plain truth about the power of Why we often miss the mark
  • Detaching from results -- to build a culture of accountability where every contributor wants and does take full responsibility for the outcomes they

Inside Out- The Shifting of You!

Much of what Yvonne teaches was learned through the school of hard knocks.

Facing rejection at all corners and losing heart, Yvonne went on a road of self-discovery.

Learning to BE LOVE instead of Doing LOVE was her greatest lesson.

Yvonne takes her audience on an adventure of self-discovery and gives everyone permission to simply BE LOVE!


  • Why a gift is a gift even if it has the ugliest wrapping paper
  • There are no accidents only opportunities
  • How to transform your story one day at a time through - care and underst
  • Daily/weekly tools to becoming an intentional

Are You Ready?

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