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About Yvonne

Yvonne’s high-energy presentations captivate audiences each and every time. Yvonne challenges our fundamental beliefs about personal leadership, performance and accountability. Yvonne takes her audience on a journey of exploration into how to shift from victim to empowerment and where corporate culture can evolve into places where honesty, self-leadership and a true sense of personal accountability can flourish. Yvonne shares a roadmap and her unique Accountability Model. She is generous with all of her materials and truly believes in sharing all that she knows in order to assist individuals and corporations in moving towards empowerment, high performance, self responsibility and self-reliance all within a context of resiliency and well-being.

Professional Speaking

The world is changing faster than ever and staying ahead of the curve is a constant challenge.

I takes audiences on a journey of discovery for facing our ever- changing environment personally and professionally.

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Leadership Retreats

Shift fro the old energy culture to the new energy organization. Share with your leaders the newest information on how to create a culture where every contributor wants and does take full responsibility for the outcomes they get.

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Media & Testimonials

View some media clips I have been featured in. Listen to testimonials from people impacted by the power of my talks.

Yvonne loves to work with people at all levels and occupation to enhance their personal power, their happiness and their overall performance.  How would you define success?

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